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Let’s talk about the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection because there are still so many untold stories. The latest Chanel Boy Studded Handle Bag for example, is sophisticated but eye-catching. It’s different than the classic boy, but isn’t that what they call: ‘unique’? Well, we think you either love it or leave it because the design gives you a mix feeling of classic and playfulness. But it is a Boy Bag and a new release.



The design

There are elements on this Boy Bag that resembles to the Classics. The chic diamond quilting, the lined edges and the masculine boy clasp are all timeless components. But the design is combined with new additions. The lined edges are highlighted with gold stripes; the Boy Clasp is modified with gold vertical lines and with colored CC logo, just like the ones on the Boy Patent Plexiglass CC Bag. So is this playful, street-chic or classic?

Besides the shoulder strap and the large boyish chain to carry cross body and on your shoulder, it also comes with an additional handle for hand carry. This handle is what sets this bag apart from the classics, but it’s not the first-time a handle is put on the Boy bag – the Chanel Chain Handle Boy Bag was very popular, but it had bigger handles.

This Boy Bag has handles with studs. The ending is refined with gold metal engraved with the CC logo. It’s definitely a chic handbag, but more for casual days. And with all those gold colored highlights, you can be certain that it will attract a lot of attention.

The interior

The interior is the same like other Boy Bags. It features one large compartment for all your daily essentials.

So what do you think about this bag? Is it a good investment?

Small Boy Chanel Studded Handle Bag
Style code: A91881
Size: 12 x 20.5 x 8.5 cm
Price: $5700 USD, €5855 euro, £4890 GBP, $46300 HKD, ¥697680 JPY, ¥45500 CNY, $7250 CAD




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We love new pouches, don’t we? And we love it even more when it’s made from Chanel. So introducing the Chanel Velvet Quilted Evening Pouch from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. These pouches resemble the styles of the popular Chanel O Cases, but the look is completely different. And like what we’ve always said; a mix of styles in your wardrobe is a healthy thing.

Perhaps this is not the regular diamond quilted pouch that we are used to, but for each and every style, there is a matching bag. Now Chanel is famous for making quilted designs, but they haven’t crafted one with Velvet-lined quilting before. The quilting is purposely made in extra large size to grab the attention of the audience. The lines are beautifully highlighted with the same color of the bag, but then darker or lighter. The pouch is completely made in Velvet, which is a super soft and luxurious material, but it’s a bit harder to maintain than calfskin leather. Because this is for the fall collection, Chanel purposely picked darker colors to match with your rainy coat.

This pouch also comes with the new interlocking CC logo. It’s made in golden hardware, but in sophisticated cracked style mixed with black hardware pieces. And for those that are interesting, here are the full details:

Chanel Small Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82709
Size: 20 x 27.5 x 1 cm
Prices: $800 USD, €760 euro, $6000 HKD, $1200 SGD, ¥91800 JPY, ¥5900 CNY

Chanel Medium Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82710
Size: 24 x 35 x 1.5 cm
Prices: $900 USD, €840 euro, $6600 HKD, $1330 SGD, ¥101520 JPY, ¥6500 CNY

Chanel Large Velvet Quilted Pouches
Style code: A82711





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We like how the fashion industry continues to make innovative bags and accessories that prove to be useful and chic at the same time. Take for example this Boy Chanel Chevron Braided Clutch with Chain, which is not really a newcomer but the braided design is on the other hand is brand new.

A small trendy clutch with chain, this Boy Braided Clutch is comparable to the crowd favorite Wallet on Chain Bag due to its size and style. It’s a cute small bag to sling whenever you go out and about and it’s a different than the usual WOC. Now let’s go take a closer look to further appreciate its beauty and glamour.

Made from calfskin leather that is perfectly paired with ruthenium leather, this Chanel clutch is stylish as ever! Notice the Chevron V quilting as well as the edges around it is made with braided design!

With the iconic boy clasp crafted in the center of the bag (which is the vital piece), this bag is an one-time investment forever. It also comes with the same interlocking chained shoulder strap that we used to love!

Style code A84069, measuring 3.9” x 7.5” x 1.6” inches, priced at $2100 USD, €1900 euro, £1710 GBP, $3050 SGD, $15600 HKD, $2910 AUD, $2575 CAD, ¥243000 JPY via Chanel boutiques.


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For lovers of exotic fashion accessories out there, you’ll definitely be delighted to know that Chanel is here to feed your fancies. Introducing this Chanel Extra Mini Python Wallet On Chain Bag that looks luxuriously exotic in every way possible.

Made from python, lambskin, calfskin leathers, flawlessly complemented by ruthenium & gold-tone metal hardware, this Wallet On Chain Bag from Chanel is unlike any other. It has the CC clasp prominently displayed in the middle and is further emphasized by the chains wrapped around the edges.

For convenience, it also features an adjustable shoulder strap so you can easily wear and bring it anywhere you go. Due to its size, this Wallet On Chain Bag can also be worn as a small shoulder bag! And even your car keys and lipstick can fit inside! It really is perfect for women on the go since it offers multi functionality!

Very chic indeed yet this Chanel Extra Mini Python Wallet On Chain Bag can hurt your wallet a bit since it’s higher-priced. Measuring 7.1” x 5.1” x 2” inches, priced at $3050 USD, €2850 euro, £2530 GBP, $4580 SGD, $22500 HKD, $4370 AUD, ¥358560 JPY, ¥22100 CNY via Chanel boutiques.


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Celebs Sport New ‘Dos and New Bags from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior

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Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign

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Chanel has recently released their Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign. The campaign was shot by Karl Lagerfeld at the streets of Havana and rocky coastline of the Caribbean. The ad stars Mica Arganaraz wearing casual and daytime looks in colorful images, while Stella Tennant are photographed in evening wear presented in black and white images. The models were seen in tweed and sequined ready-to-wear items while carrying the brand’s latest accessories including the Coco Club shoulder bag and backpack. Both models were seen in chic berets as a nod to Che Guevara. A 30 second video was also released featuring music from French-Cuban musical duo Ibeyi entitled “River”.

The Chanel Cruise 2017 Collection will be available in stores this November.

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign 1

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign 3

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign 7

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign 10

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign 12

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign

Chanel Cruise 2017 ad campaign is all about patterns of cheerful, holiday-ready clothing and a little haute couture-inspired motifs. Starring Argentina model Arganaraz mica and British model Stella Tennant. Chanel Cruise 2017 ad campaign caught them on the island most of the icons and characteristic places, such as in Havana an eclectic background and roads as well as a suggestive rocky coastline. Chanel Cruise 2017 ad campaign everything exudes a kind of subtle light and carefreeness that we’ve never seen in a campaign.

Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign Photos Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Campaign Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign Collection Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign Cuba Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign Images Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign in Cuba Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad CampaignChanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign New Collection Chanel Cruise 2017 Ad Campaign

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld

Back in May, Chanel became the first luxury house to hold a runway show in Havana, Cuba — designer Karl Lagerfeld had never even visited the island until days before the event — and flew 700 guests and 45 models to the picturesque (and very trendy) locale for a weekend-long extravaganza to celebrate the French label's cruise 2016/2017 collection. With their gifted Chanel fedoras, a fleet of colorful, vintage convertibles on hand to shuttle them around town, local musicians providing a live runway soundtrack and an organized group outing to Cabaret Tropicana, attendees were given a crash course in Cuban culture — well, at least Lagerfeld's romanticized (if not slightly myopic) ideas about Cuban culture. "This is all about my vision of Cuba," Lagerfeld told The Cut. "But of course, what do I know about Cuba? It is very childish, my idea."

The collection, which featured both stereotypical and subtle nods to the country (for instance, the tweeds and touristy T-shirts in vibrant colors, several takes on the guayabera, a traditional Cuban shirt, and separates in military-inspired olive green) was undeniably Chanel, and in keeping with the season's theme, Lagerfeld shot models Mica Arganaraz and Stella Tennantaround the streets of Havana and along the rocky coastline. According to a release, the black berets the models wear in the images are "a playful nod to Che," and the color palette is inspired by "the vibrant facades of Havana." Considering how many editorials have been shot in Cuba over the past year, we expect this to be just one of many campaigns set on the island in the seasons to come.

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